[ About Us ]

Foster + Partners is a global architecture, engineering and design studio, tackling a wide range of projects of varying complexity and scale. Characterised by its integrated approach to design. Porcelanosa is one of the few global companies with expertise in manufacturing across a wide palette of materials. Including Krion, stone, ceramics, brassware and timber. The collaboration with Foster and Partners created the basis for an ambitious vision – to create a comprehensive and co-ordinated range of bathroom products that could be combined into a multitude of settings, from residential to commercial interiors and everything in between.
The result of this ambitious collaboration is TONO Elements and TONO One – a set of components designed to work together as a part of an integrated system, with an unlimited choice of finishes and materials. Unified by a common, simple design language and palette of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic brings to the fore an honesty of material, simplicity of form and the craft of manufacture.

[ TONO Elements ]

TONO Elements is defined by its extensive choice and the flexibility it offers. Almost any configuration of products is possible, the material combinations emphasising the strength of each element while underlining the homogeneity of the range. 

Bathrooms can be adapted according to taste and context in the knowledgethat everything works together.

Sinks, baths, WCs

Sinks are countertop or wall-mounted, their blend of functionality and minimalism exemplified by a concealed click-clack plug mechanism. The Krion free-standing bath has an integrated shelf, and so that nothing disrupts the purity of its form, all pipes and overflow are hidden away. Water-saving WCs can be either free-standing or incorporated into a TONO bench.


With proportions and solidity that belie their light, intuitive feel, taps feature a bevel that catches the light and acts as a visual cue to lift the control lever, together with a knurled surface that invites them to be turned. Function expressed quietly is further articulated by the hand-held shower, which magnetically docks when not in use.


Typifying TONO attention to detail, furniture is inseparable to the concept. Sliding storage units are built discreetly into the mirrors, the latter featuring lights positioned around their circumference for perfect illumination. A horizontal bench works as a unifying device, while the pure lines of the make-up desk, with its flawlessly engineered drawers, optimise the space.

[ TONO One ]

TONO One brings together the component parts of a bathroom into a unified whole. Precision-crafted, this is bathroom design more akin to choosing a timeless piece of furniture for the home.

It allows for a very different kind of installation, and lets the fabric of the room of which it’s part retain its essential characteristics.

[ Materials ]

Maple, oak and walnut for refinement and longevity. Limestone and marble for elegance with tactility. Basins and baths are stone, ceramic or Krion, a proprietory Porcelanosa material that can be curved and moulded to any form. Brassware comes in 8 finishes, chosen as much for their high resistance to wear as their jewel-like quality.

[ Finishes ]

No other organisation has a palette as wide as Porcelanosa. Marble, ceramic, Krion, timber, brassware, its breadth of materials and techniques now combines with the vision of Foster + Partners in the perfect marriage. TONO offers architects and designers a new departure in bathroom design. Two companies, one philosophy, infinite possibilities.

[ The Design Concept ]

TONO asks the important questions first. What’s the most efficient volume of water? How can controls be made genuinely intuitive? Aesthetics derive from functionality and the innate properties of the materials used. With sinks incorporating an offset circle motif, each element has been consciously created to be quiet, purposeful and exact.

[ Development ]

The result of physical making rather than theoretical ideas, the performance of each TONO product has been optimised through rigorous testing, prototyping and human interaction. Together, Foster + Partners and Porcelanosa pushed themselves to develop something out of the ordinary: individually crafted components that simultaneously work holistically and harmoniously. 

[ Sustainability ]

No more, no less. Just as eliminating superfluous detail makes for better design, it also enhances sustainability.

As embodied by the 2.3 litre capacity TONO sink, which provides the right amount of water while cutting down on waste.